We offer full service grooming to suit all of your pets’ beauty needs. Whether you just want a good ole bath or a complete new look, we are here to help!

Each groom includes basic services to keep your pets in optimal condition. Included is:

  • Nail trimming
  • Cleaning and plucking ears as needed
  • Gland expression

Coat or Skin Issues?

From flaky or greasy skin to smelly skunked dogs and cats; we have a shampoo to combat your problem. We have compiled a line of shampoos to best serve our clients, including our pets’ with allergies!

Cat Grooming

Often people think of grooming and only think about the dogs. Well, your furry feline friends have beauty needs as well! Bring your cat in for a good bath and brush out, or even for a hair cut.

Nervous Pets or Owners

We understand that grooming can be a stressful experience for pets and owners alike. Our groomers have many years of experience working with pets and owners to make grooming an enjoyable experience. Each pet is given one-on-one attention and the utmost in not just care, but affection!